Dan Ganch creates Driftless Wood masterpiece

Dan Ganch is not only a talented artist, he is also a highly skilled woodworker from Mt. Horeb, WI.  He has done some very creative work for the likes of Madison Children’s Museum, as just part of his extensive and impressive work portfolio.

Pictured here is Dan working the finishing stage of a beautiful and unique coffee table crafted from two large Driftless Wood tree slabs.  The walnut burl and live edges make a wonderful work of natural art furniture.   My amateur photo skills do not do this piece (or Dan) justice.  You can check out some of Dan’s other creations at http://supergcarpentry.com IMG_0923 IMG_0920

Wendy’s Bench

I’m finally getting around to posting some news about the bench that was designed and build for our very good friends, Wendy and Aaron.  My previous post featured a picture of the walnut slab that will make the bench top.

A heavy bench requires pretty beefy legs. These legs are curved to match the design profile of Wendy and Aaron’s custom made dining table. Here I’m using the bandsaw to cut the 4″ solid walnut legs.


Fast forward a few weeks, now it’s time to dry fit the mortise and tenon pieces that make up the bench under-structure.


Everything is fitting nice and snug.



Now it’s starting to look like something.



The final profile is revealed. Still lots of wood to remove and detail finish work to do.



Once the wood working is final, everything is glued up into a solid single structure. Now we can start applying the oil. Note the color change from raw wood to oiled wood. The walnut is looking good……



Time for a break and a little Old Potosi.  You can see some of my hand tools that are used to craft the wood in the traditional manner.  Keeping them sharp is key.



Finally, the finished bench.



The danish oil finish brings out the contrasting colors of the walnut burl wood. Go ahead, sit on it.

Thank you Wendy and Aaron, for your intense interest and patience. Enjoy…..The Driftless Woodworker

Fall 2013

Hard to believe it’s mid October already.   What a pleasant Autumn so far.

Just brought home a load of walnut and cherry tree slabs from Aspenson Lumber Co. in Muscoda.  Paul Aspenson custom kiln dries Driftless wood, and provides planing services for the slabs wider than 15″.  He can handle up to 24″ widths.

The slab wood pieces are turning out beautifully.  Pictured here is one of the walnut crotch burl tree slabs after planing.  This is going to make a dynomite coffee / cocktail table, or maybe an artistic bench.   This one is over 2″ thick, strong and heavy.


I have about 35 kiln dried slab pieces available for immediate delivery to woodworkers , craftsmen and artists.  Another 40 slabs are air dried and can be moved to a kiln if needed.   Available in Walnut, Cherry, and White Oak.   Give me a call and let me know what you want or are planning.  We might have what you need.


Beautiful flora

The woods are filled with beautiful flowers, plants and animals.  Here are a few photos taken by familydw10

A lady's slipper is in the orchid family an native to Wisconsin

A lady’s slipper is in the orchid family an native to Wisconsin