Fall 2018 Update:  We no longer have a sufficient supply of wood, and no longer take orders for wood.  
Welcome to Driftless Wood and the Driftless Wood Warehouse.  We are a source for quality hardwood lumber of local species from the Driftless area of Wisconsin.  Our business is near Madison WI.  

What is Driftless Wood?  We specialize in salvaging or sustainably harvesting native hardwood lumber from the beautiful Driftless Area of southwest Wisconsin.   Our lumber is air dried for over 12 months and then professionally kiln dried to furniture quality standards.  Wood is sawed to 4/4, 5/4 and 8/4 thickness and dried to 6 to 8 % moisture content. We also have thicker slabs, like pictured here.  You select the boards you want for your specific projects. Wood is sorted and stored by species, quality, and size to make finding the right wood easy.

Local and Native: All wood is sustainably harvested native wood including Black Walnut, Cherry, White Oak, Red Oak, Hickory and Butternut.  The hardwood is from local woodlots in southwestern Wisconsin in Dane, Iowa, and Richland Counties.

Sustainably Harvested: When a tree blows over or is damaged so it can not grow productively we consider harvesting.  Our inventory is the result of clean up and maintenance projects to improve forest health and productivity. As long as a tree continues to be healthy, we let it grow.dw13

Our experience: As a logger and woodlot owner, my interest is in small scale harvesting to improve the health and beauty of the woodlot. As a woodworker, I know what most woodworkers are looking for when they source material.  When processing dimensional lumber from logs I look for those special grain patterns and colors that can make a wood project exceptional.  Below are typical 4/4 and 8/4 walnut boards.IMG_0513Milling Service:  If you want your lumber purchase straight edged, planed, or sized just let us know what you need.  Milling is available for an extra fee to your specifications.

Hardwoods of southwestern Wisconsin